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From: mpeppler at itf dot ch (Michael Peppler)
Subject: ANNOUNCE: Sybperl 2.04
Date: Mar 1 1996 12:33PM

Sybperl 2.04 is now available from CPAN/authors/id/MEWP.

Sybperl 2.04 requires perl 5.002 (it will not build with 5.001m).

Because there are a lot of changes between 2.03 and 2.04, and because
this version requires perl 5.002, I would suggest that you install this
version carefully :-) It works fine here, but that doesn't mean that
there aren't any bugs that only show up on other

>From the CHANGES file:

2.04	DBlib and CTlib Feature release.
        New Sybase::BCP module.

	** NOTE **

	This version requires Perl 5.002.

	- Added ct_describe to retrieve the information held in the
	  CS_DATAFMT structure for each column in the result set.
	- Added Sybase::{CTlib, DBlib}::debug(level) which enables the
	  tracing of certain internal states and operations.
	- Turned Sybase::CTlib and Sybase::DBlib database handle
	  attributes into a tied hash, so that invalid attribute names
	  (such as spelling mistakes) can be caught (NOTE: This is a
	  compile time option that can be turned OFF if you don't like
	  it). To allow add hoc attributes to be set by the programer
	  you can pass a hash reference as fifth parameter to the
	  dblogin/ct_connect calls with the additional attributes that
	  you want the DBlib or CTlib modules to recognize.
	- Added Sybase::DBlib::DBSETLPACKET and
	  Sybase::DBlib::dbgetpacket to allow the use of non-default
	  network packet sizes (this can increase the performance
	  tremendously in certain situations).
	- Sybase::DBlib can now return DATETIME and MONEY values in native
	  format, with the same functionality as Sybase::CTlib.
	- Re-wrote and cleaned up some of the logic in
	  Sybase::DBlib::dbnextrow() and dbretdata().
	- bcp_sendrow() can now take an array reference as data
	  parameter instead of a LIST. This is a small performance
	  improvement when processing wide tables. (Passing a LIST is
	  still supported).
	- Added some additional regression tests.

	- Reviewed the documentation.

	- Sybase::BCP is a new module that attempts to make it easier
	  to use the bulk copy library. Sybase::BCP includes many
	  features such as input column re-ordering, failed batch
	  retries and date/time conversions. It is sub-classed from
	  the Sybase::DBlib module.

	- Sybase::Login is a tkPerl login widget for sybperl. It
	  requires the Tk module. You will find it in
	  eg/ Contributed by Brent B. Powers.

	Bug Fixes:
	BugId	   Description

	158	   Sybase::CTlib dumps core when retrieving "Extended
		   Error" data in the default Server Message handler.
	159	   Make DBSETLPACKET() available in DBlib.
	161	   make test fails for Sybase::DBlib, Sybase::Sybperl
		   with perl5.002gamma.
	163	   bcp_batch is not documented.