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From: Michael Sattler <msattler at jungle dot com>
Subject: Re: Looking before I leap: installing sybase
Date: Feb 28 1996 7:04PM

>mpeppler@itf.CH (Michael Peppler) said:
>> From: Michael Sattler 
>> THE STORY THUS FAR:  Sybase is installed into /data/sybase, is
>> installed and the library moved manually to /usr/local/lib/perl5, Sybperl
>> is built but we can't figure out where to place it so that CGIs can access
>> the database.
>Normally, if you run
>	make install
>in the sybperl source directory all the files get placed in the right
>directories. From your statements you appear to have a standard Perl
>library location, and that shouldn't require any special handling.
>It's a little bit difficult to figure out what is wrong based on the
>information you've given. I suspect that it is something simple,

Thanks for the reply, Michael, and the gentle kick in the caboose for not
providing version and trace info.  Mea culpa.  I didn't because everything
seemed to run without warning or error, not that that's much of an excuse.

>Hardware/OS environment (for example: Sparc/SunOS4.x)

DEC Alpha OSF/1

>Exact perl release (run perl -v please)


>Sybase OpenClient version

According to the manual, 10.0.x for DEC AXP OSF/1.

To come full circle, here is what Lang Zerner (a co-worker) wound up doing
to get Sybperl to run.  I hope that this is helpful to others.  For our
info, what did I do incorrectly?

My best to the readership, M

--- snip ---

From: (Lang Zerner)
Subject: Sybperl seems to be working
Date: Wed, 28 Feb 1996 02:15:30 GMT
Organization: ITC Consulting Group

/data/sybase/sybperl/eg/ is a copy of in the same directory,
with a valid Sybase username and password hardcoded.  This is a security risk.
I have been using to test the Sybperl installation.

While we spoke on the phone, I:

1) Created a /usr/local/lib/perl5/Sybase directory.

2) Copied,, and from
/data/sybase/sybperl/blib/Sybase to /usr/local/lib/perl5/Sybase.

This changed the error from "Cannot find Sybase/ in @INC..."
to "Cannot find loadable module for Sybase::DBlib in @INC..."

3) Copied from /data/sybase/sybperl/blib/auto/Sybase/CTlib to

4) Copied from /data/sybase/sybperl/blib/auto/Sybase/DBlib to

This changed the error message to "DB-Library: Server name not found in
interface file."

The interface file is /data/sybase/interfaces, and AANS_SERVER is very clearly
described there.  However, the Sybase DB Client library doc says we have to
specify the server name in an environment variable called DSQUERY.


This changed the error message to "Can't locate auto/Sybase/DBlib/ in

6) Created /usr/local/lib/perl5/auto/Sybase.

7. Did a recursive copy of everything from
/data/sybase/sybperl/blib/auto/Sybase to /usr/local/lib/perl5/auto/Sybase.

The sample program works without error.

Be seeing you...

ITC Consulting Group      integrated communication consulting services
915 Cole Street #151      internet publishing * networks * training * design
San Francisco, CA 94117   +1 800 673 7172 (outside USA call +1 415 861 7688)

--- snip ---

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