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From: Michael Sattler <msattler at jungle dot com>
Subject: Looking before I leap: installing sybase
Date: Feb 27 1996 8:52PM

THE STORY THUS FAR:  Sybase is installed into /data/sybase, is
installed and the library moved manually to /usr/local/lib/perl5, Sybperl
is built but we can't figure out where to place it so that CGIs can access
the database.

Looking thru the Sybperl FAQ, I find:

>2.5) I've moved the Sybase libraries, and Sybperl won't run...
>   The sybperl make process hard-codes the path to the Sybase shared
>   libraries ( and friends) into the binaries (either the
>   dynamically loadable modules, or the Perl executable). This is done
>   so that Perl can find the libraries it needs even if the
>   LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable which is normally used to
>   specify special library directories is not set (as when running a
>   script from cron, for example).
>   This technique obviously fails when the paths to the Sybase
>   libraries are changed (through an upgrade, or when moving the
>   binaries to another machine with a different configuration).
>   The solution is to:
>       - Set LD_LIBRARY_PATH to include the Sybase library directories
>       or
>       - Link the Sybase libraries to a standard directory (such as
>       /usr/lib or /usr/local/lib) which will be searched by default.

That prompted me to look at /usr/local/, which does have include and lib
subdirectories, but also subdirs.  So I'm confused as to what the

# Where is the Sybase directory on your system (include files &
# libraries are expected to be found at SYBASE/include & SYBASE/lib

variable ought to be.

I presume that CGIs don't have $LD_LIBRARY_PATH set since they run in a
state similar to that of cron, I'm guessing that getting Sybperl installed
properly requires either a tweak to the CONFIG file or a manual move.

Help gratefully accepted.

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