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From: Michael Sattler <msattler at jungle dot com>
Subject: Installing Sybperl into the standard Perl hierarchy
Date: Feb 27 1996 7:17PM

Good day, gentlebeings.

I've just completed compiling Sybperl as per the README, but I can't figure
out what I missed: it didn't get placed into the standard Perl hierarchy.

If it's a step I missed while being in a caffiene-deficient haze, would
someone please point it out to me?  Is there an environmental variable I
missed setting?

Otherwise, would someone please provide me with a recursive listing of the
portion of their Perl hierarchy so I can see where/how I have to manually
move things?

Many thanks.

Michael Sattler, Digital Jungle            |
San Francisco, California, USA        |
I wrote "Internet TV with CU-SeeMe" for you to enjoy; ISBN 1575210061. |
Wired via Metricom Ricochet wireless modems, I'm in the People's Cafe. |
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