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From: mpeppler at itf dot ch (Michael Peppler)
Subject: Re: Sybperl::DBlib CGI Problems
Date: Feb 27 1996 8:48AM

> From: Robert Seymour 
> I'm trying to use Sybase::DBlib to create CGI scripts for  
> displaying the contents of a Sybase 4.9 database.  My script works  
> just fine from the command line, but when I try to run it as a CGI  
> program I get the error:
> 	Operating-system error: No such file or directory DB-Library:
> 	Could not open interface file.

As Kim pointed out, this message is typical of not having the SYBASE
environment variable set correctly. Remember that if you set it *in*
your cgi perl script, you need to use a BEGIN{} block:


   $ENV{SYBASE} = '/the/path/to/sybase';

use Sybase::DBlib;


> Reading the FAQ provided with sybperl-2.03 (I'm using it with Perl  
> 5.002b3), it seems I need to get the LD_LIBRARY_PATH set for the  
> CGI's login.  I tried doing this with a wrapper script which sets  
> the LD_LIBRARY_PATH to include libsybdb-4.9.1.a (libsybdb.a), but I  
> get a core dump when this is done:
> 	dlopen: stub interception failed
> 	zsh: 16516 abort (core dumped)  wire.cgi

I've never gotten this error, but I'm told that having /lib or /usr/lib
(or symlinks to these directories) in LD_LIBRARY_PATH causes this
problem (it may be a loop condition in