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From: "Angie Lin" <alin at eclipse dot engr dot sgi dot com>
Subject: Re: char or varchar
Date: Feb 26 1996 11:59PM

Hmm, still having problems implementing this.  Here's my simple scenario:

$tmp = "It's a small world"
$db->dbcmd ("insert into foo (column1) values ($tmp)");

Now this by itself will generate:
	insert into foo (column1) values (It's a small world)

so, I've been manually putting quotes on via:
	$tmp = "'" . $tmp . "'"

but this generates:
	insert into foo (column1) values ('It's a small world')

which gives me a database error.  I've tried the following by itself:
	$tmp = $db->dbsafestr($tmp)

but that gave me:
	insert into foo (column1) values (It''s a small world)

So then I did both:
	$tmp = "'" . $tmp . "'"
	$tmp = $db->dbsafestr($tmp)
	$dbcmd ("insert ..... ")

but that just gave me:
	insert into foo (column1) values (''It''s a small world'')

Obviously I'm doing something wrong here.  Any suggestions?


On Feb 26,  3:08pm, Craig Kim wrote:
> Subject: char or varchar
> If you're generating HTML with sybperl, you can use &dbsafestr() to
> condition the string so that every (') becomes (''') and (") (""").  Or
> you can write a function to do it!
> --Craig
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> X-Listname: SybPerl Discussion List 
> Warnings-To: <>
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> From: "Angie Lin" 
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> Date: Mon, 26 Feb 1996 11:17:27 -0800
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> Subject: char or varchar
> I have a sybperl script which takes the input from an HTML form and
> performs an insertion into my database.  I'm encountering problems with
> char and varchar datatypes, however.
> Currently, I am manually appending and prepending the quote (') to the
> string which I want to insert into the database.  But if the string
> itself has a quote ('), then the insertion aborts with the error:
>     Sybase message 105, Severity 15, state 1
>     Line 1
>     Unclosed quote before the character string ' ) '.
> Likewise, manually appending and prepending the double-quote (") will
> get me into the same trouble because my data string might have both
> single and/or double-quotes.
> What's the solution?  Am I going about this the entirely wrong way by
> putting the quotes on myself?
> Thanks,
> Angie
>-- End of excerpt from Craig Kim