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From: Tom Wilson <73123 dot 1360 at compuserve dot com>
Subject: RE: static linking
Date: Feb 26 1996 4:05AM

>> From: "T. Kim Nguyen" >
>> When I encounter a problem locating Sybase .so's, it's usually solved
>> by adding the appropriate directory to the LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment
>> variable (I'm assuming this is for SunOS / Solaris).  Eg., for csh, 
>> 	setenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH ${LD_LIBRARY_PATH}:/home/sybase/lib
>> equivalently, if you've got the SYBASE env var set:
>> unless you want to have absolutely everything linked into the same
>> executable (ugh!), in which case you should do what Michael
>> suggested...

mpeppler responded:
>This is sometimes usefull, for example if you want to distribute the
>perl binary with the DBlib or CTlib extensions: you can't distribute
>the shared libs with your application, but you *can* distribute the
>statically linked program freely.

My original question had to do with trying to statically link 
the Sybase libraries and wondering why it didn't work, not a discussion 
of the merits of static vs. dynamic linking.  I set 
LINKTYPE=static in the CONFIGURE file, but the executable still 
looked for the shared libraries.  Can someone tell me why?

Tom Wilson