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From: "Dennis R dot Sherman" <sherman at trln dot lib dot unc dot edu>
Subject: Administrivia - broken mailer out there somewhere
Date: Feb 23 1996 2:48PM

Hey folks, there's a broken mailer out there that has put itself into a
mail loop, resending me erroneous bounced mail messages.  I'm up to about
40 a day from this one mailer.  And postmaster at that site is
unresponsive, so I can't seem to get anyone to fix the broken mailer.

The address(es) involved, as far as I can tell from the headers, aren't
subscribed to the list.  This suggests to me that someone out there has
subscribed to the list from one address, and forwarded mail from that
address to elsewhere.  If you recognize that you are involved in any of
the following domains, please contact me directly
( or so we can get
this fixed.

I recognize that forwarding mail from one place to another is a great
convenience -- I do it myself.  But it makes it very difficult to trace
this kind of a problem.  It would be nicer for those of us that run lists
if you would subscribe from your primary mail address, and not forward
things from there.

And now back to the discussion of sybperl.  Thanks for any help you can
give in straightening this mess out.
  Dennis R. Sherman  	         Triangle Research Libraries Network       Univ. of North Carolina - Chapel Hill