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From: ivan at algorithmics dot com (Ivan Simon)
Subject: Re: Control Characters in a Pattern
Date: Feb 22 1996 6:41PM

On Feb 22, 10:10am, Subbarao Chitturi wrote:
> Subject: Control Characters in a Pattern
> How can I remove control characters in a string?
> I created a data file on my PC and ftpd the file to the UNIX system so
> that I can BCP into Sybase. When I use vi, the last character showns up as ^M.
> I want to delete this. It is a redundant character. I am writing a script
> to delete such control characters, not only at the end of the line but
> in the file. I know chop function only deletes at the end of the line but what
> about finding the control characters set in the middle of the line?
> Thank you in advance.
> Subbarao.
> ============================================================================
> =====
> Disclaimer = I question and speak for myself.
>-- End of excerpt from Subbarao Chitturi

Try a variation on the following. It removes any trailing commas (,) and the
trailing ^M. \cM matches the ^M. The $ ties the string to the end of the
line so if you are looking for control characters in the middle of a line
you won't want it.

  $inputRec =~ s/,*\cM*$//g;

The following will remove ^M from anywhere in the line.

  $inputRec =~ s/\cM//g;

Ivan Simon.
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