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From: mpeppler at itf dot ch (Michael Peppler)
Subject: Re: BCP and index drop Questions
Date: Feb 22 1996 4:25PM

> From: (John Manion)
> mpeppler@itf.CH (Michael Peppler) writes: 
> > 


> > 'Member ( MIDUOID MGMember.2 Name ( First JAMES Middle E Last MURPHY  ) SSN 000000000 DOB 19460608 Address ( Street1 "367 NILWOR AVENUE" City DAYTON State OH Zip 45405  ) Gender Male NOAid MGMember.2  ) '
> > 
>      This last field is NOA, a text field made up of named pairs of data and
>      sub-NOA's.  It's a long story, we don't want to get into that.
> > This is exactly what you are feeding bcp_sendrow. I very much doubt
> > that this is what you want, and I'm fairly positive that the quotes are
> > unwanted.
> This is correct, although I put the quotes in hoping that it was having trouble
> with the text type fields knowing it shouldn't.
> The last field is a sybase text field and everything from the word Member to
> the last matching parenthesis really goes into that field.
> Somehow you left off the first field, which is a zero in the data I sent
> out

cut-and-paste problems :-)

I somehow misread the column types for your table and missed the TEXT
column at the end. Re-reading the bcp API docs it seems that I may not
be doing the right thing...

Let me mull over this a little bit and I'll probably find a solution
(though it will probably require changes to the C code in DBlib.xs).