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From: mpeppler at itf dot ch (Michael Peppler)
Subject: Re: Problem with loading multiple tables with sybperl bcp
Date: Feb 20 1996 7:21AM

> From: (Doug Campbell)
> I've run into an odd behavior of Sybase and/or Sybperl.  I have a
> program that loads 8 tables via BCP.  The basic flow is the following:
> 	&dblogin();
> 	foreach $table (@tables)
> 	{
> 	    &bcp_init ($dbproc, "$db..$table", "", "", DB_IN);
> 	    &bcp_meminit ($dbproc, $num_fields);
> 	    foreach $row (@rows)
> 	    {
> 		&bcp_sendrow ($dbproc, @row);
> 	    };
> 	    &bcp_done ($dbproc);
> 	};
> On the 8th (and last) table, when I call &bcp_done() Sybase prints:
> 	Msg 925, Level 16, State 1
> 	Line 1
> 		Maximum number of used databases for each query has been exceeded. The maximum allowed is 8.
> and the row does not get loaded.  The function &bcp_done() returns 1.
> The program works fine for many other cases where I load fewer than 8
> tables in this loop.

Strange indeed...

I would assume that the limit is in Sybase, not in sybperl (I've just
gone back to check the bcp library docs, and there's no
'free_all_resources' call for bcp...)

Things to try:

- Change context to the target database before calling bcp_init():
  &bcp_init($table, ...);
- (You're not going to like this one...) Close and reopen the dbproc after 
  each &bcp_done...