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From: mpeppler at itf dot ch (Michael Peppler)
Subject: Re: What do you think of Web.sql?
Date: Feb 19 1996 8:37AM

> From: "David A. Guerrieri" 
> I have been trying to get web.sql to work, but have had much better luck
> with SybPerl.

What are the problems... maybe we can help (web.sql is built on top of
a version of the Sybase::CTlib module that is part of sybperl...)

>  I also have not had much luck getting help from their
> tech support e-mail.

That's not so good...

>  I understand there might be performance advantages
> by using the Sybase product.

Yes, as someone else pointed out, web.sql is really very much better
when used with the Netscape NSAPI which pre-loads the perl and Sybase
libs. In addition, web.sql is able to cache and re-use database
connections in that configuration, which is also a big performance
gain. Another (possible) advantage is that web.sql is built and
optimized for Web type programs, and also to make use of future
products that would be built on top of web.sql.

On the other hand, sybperl may be a little more flexible, and lets you
use the DBlib API, which is still a bit faster than CTlib according to
my tests (and not only for the startup...)