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From: Ron Pool <amp1 at aruba dot nysaes dot cornell dot edu>
Subject: Re: What do you think of Web.sql?
Date: Feb 16 1996 7:09PM

On Fri, 16 Feb 1996, David A. Guerrieri wrote:
> I have been trying to get web.sql to work, but have had much better luck with SybPerl.  I also have not had much luck getting help from their tech support e-mail.  I understand there might be performance advantages by using the Sybase product.  
> Does anyone have any comments about whether web.sql is worth the effort and (I presume someday) money.
> Dave

I've installed web.sql and played around with it, but we're not using it 
for any real applications yet, though we do plan to.  The Netscape API 
(NSAPI) version of web.sql seems to be worth using.  The NSAPI version 
actually pre-loads perl and the sybperl libraries.  This means that you 
don't have to wait for perl and libraries to load for each hit on a 
perl/sybperl-based CGI.

Web.sql also lets you easily embed perl code in the middle of your HTML 

                                 -- Ron
Ron Pool                                            Internet:
Computer Services, NYSAES; Food Research Lab; West North St.; Geneva, NY 14456