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From: soup at ampersand dot com (Doug Campbell)
Subject: SUMMARY: Re: Problem with &bcp_meminit() in Sybperl-2
Date: Feb 16 1996 4:17PM

] > From: (Doug Campbell)
] > 
] > I've found that when doing &bcp_meminit() on tables with user-defined
] > types, the program exits with the message:
] > 
] > 	DB-Library: Unknown datatype encountered.
] > 
] > It seems to work fine on the tables that don't have user-defined
] > types, however.  Is this unsupported?

} From: "K. Ganapathy" 
} Date: Thu, 15 Feb 1996 16:35:18 -0800
} This could be due to not calling  dbsetversion in your program also.
} If the user data type is one of the System 10 types, then you should
} call dbsetversion (DBVERSION_100).

This diagnosis was correct.  Unfortunately, the remedy wasn't possible
for my sybperl-1 script.  Calling dbsetversion returned "DB-Library:
Function can be called only once.", so I guess that sybperl was
already calling it.

] Date: Fri, 16 Feb 96 08:16:01 +0100
] From: mpeppler@itf.CH (Michael Peppler)
] It is supported (I used it yesterday...) I think that K. Ganapathy may
] be on the right track: if you are running sybperl 2.0x (x < 3) then
] DBlibrary is left in 4.6.1 mode, and numeric/decimal/identity datatypes
] are not supported.
] In 2.03 dbsetversion() is called during initialization if System 10
] libs are available.

I upgraded from 2.0pl2 to 2.03, and it all now works.  Much thanks to
K. Ganapathy and Michael Peppler.

					Doug Campbell