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From: leew at resport dot rch dot gs dot com (William Lee)
Subject: Re: Can Not Retrieve Image Greater Than 4k
Date: Feb 12 1996 6:28PM

On Feb 12, 10:14am, Richard Ruth wrote:
} Subject: Can Not Retrieve Image Greater Than 4k
} I have a table that has an id column (int) and an image (image).  When
I use the following perl script
} to retrieve the image and place it in a file, I only receive the first
4096 bytes (assuming that the
} image is longer than 4k).

}-- End of excerpt from Richard Ruth

You had to set textsize which specifies the max length of text or image
data to be returned, the default is 32K.

William  Lee
Sybase Database Administrator
Investment Research Dept, Goldman Sachs, New York
1 (212) 902-8125 (desk)
1 (212) 902-3398 (fax)
1 (800) 509-0759 (pager)	
1 (800) 800-7759 (alpha pager)