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From: mpeppler at itf dot ch (Michael Peppler)
Subject: Re: dbh->newdate function
Date: Feb 9 1996 3:30PM

> From: (Tony Byorick)
> I want to perform date calculations in Perl (i.e. subtracting one date from
> another, etc) and was going to ask if any date handling packages are
> availible for Perl when the following message was posted:
> >> From: (Kevin Kitts)
> >>   I am trying to use a call that I saw at the Sybperl website...
> >> 
> >> $date = $dbh->newdate('Jan 1 1995');
> >> 
> Does this mean that I can access Sybase's date handling logic via a call
> from Perl?  If so, is this capability availible in version of Perl prior to 5.0?

Yes, and no.

Yes, you can access (a certain form of) the Sybase date handling
routines from perl, but this only available in the Sybase::CTlib module
(requires perl5.001m or better).

The available calls are:

@arr = $date->crack;	# Calls cs_dt_crack().
$date2 = $date1->calc($days, $msecs);   # add/substractdays and
milliseconds to $date1.
($date, $msecs) = $date1->diff($date2);  # number of days/millisecs
between date1 and date2.

You can also convert a Sybase date (which has a base value of January 1
1900) to a Unix time_t value using one of $date->mktime,
$date->timelocal, $date->timegm.