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From: mpeppler at itf dot ch (Michael Peppler)
Subject: Re: Windows NT Version
Date: Feb 1 1996 9:11AM

From: Paulo Dimas 
> I am sorry to bother you with a question that probably has already
> been asked. The fact is that we are very time constrained into developing
> a Web Site, with Sybase connection, based on Windows NT.
> The question is: Is there any version of Sybperl ported to Windows NT?
> I have already checked the URL refered in the FAQ (,
> where I didn't find any reference to Sybperl.

It seems that metainfo have decided not to port sybperl to NT. I would
*love* to help with a port, but I don't have access to an NT machine.

I think the best place to start is from the NT port of Perl by Hip
communications. Building sybperl from there should be a case of
creating appropriate Makefiles (the NT port does not have the MakeMaker
stuff yet, as far as I know) and possibly getting .c files instead of
the .xs files (I don't know if xsubpp is available).

I am *really* quite willing to help anyone who wants to give this a try
(including sending pre-processed .xs files).


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>From  Thu Feb  1 02:36:07 1996
Subject: ANNOUNCEMENT: Perl for Win32 Release build 105 available.
List-Name: perl5-porters
To: undisclosed-recipients:;
X-Filter: mailagent [version 3.0 PL44] for

Hip Communications releases another Perl for Win32!

Version 5 build 105 RELEASE <--( not a beta )

The source and binary are available by anonymous ftp to: ( intel binary ) ( source tree )

Currently only the i86 binary is available.

Bugs fixed
- OLE bugs re: properties and retrievable arrays fixed.
- Windows 95 problems with exceptions fixed.
- Windows 95 problems with pipes and COMMAND.COM fixed.

Known Issues
- the return value of a system call is wrong on Win95, causing a test failure.
- Makefiles are for MSVC version 2.2.  The next build will use 
	VC 4.0 makefiles.

Check out our website at: 
	Where you can 
		-join ( or quit ) our mailing lists, 
		-read our perl-win32 FAQ.
		-submit a bug report.
		-download the latest perl for win32 release.
		-read our online win32 specific and general perl 5 documentation.
Or, just go directly to our ftp site at:
	where you can
		-download perl. ( what did you expect? )

h i p   c o m m u n i c a t i o n s
Software Development   1-604-606-4620

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