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From: mpeppler at itf dot ch (Michael Peppler)
Subject: ANNOUNCE: Sybperl 2.03 released
Date: Feb 1 1996 7:03AM

I've uploaded release 2.03 (no, that's not a typo, 2.02 got uploaded
too, but I found a typo after it had started mirroring...) of sybperl
to "CPAN"/authors/id/MEWP/sybperl-2.03.tar.gz (see below).

This is sybperl 2.03.

This version includes improvements to both the CTlib and DBlib

- Sybase::CTlib::ct_sql() can now return an array of references	to
  associative arrays (one for each row). 
- Sybase::CTlib::ct_fetchable() uses a precomputed hash to check
  the fetchable status (suggested by Gisle Aas).
- Added Sybase::CTlib::ct_cmd_alloc to allow multiple CS_COMMAND
  structures with a single connection.
- Added Sybase::CTlib::ct_cmd_realloc to drop and realloc the
  current CS_COMMAND structure.

- Added Sybase::DBlib::db*opt() calls. The dbsetopt() call was
  implemented in version 1.0xx but somehow did not get recoded
  in 2.x.
- Sybase::DBlib::sql() can now return an array of references to
  associative arrays (one for each row).
- Logging for dbwritetext() has been enabled by adding an additional
  (optional) $log parameter. I'm not very happy with the calling
  sequence (it's getting further and further from the C version), but
  that's the cost of not doing it right from the start, I guess...

It was not possible to enable System 10 features in the Sybase::DBlib
module (the default 4.6.1 behaviour was always used). I have changed
this to ALWAYS use System 10 behaviour (in particular for
numeric/decimal/identity data retrieval) if the DB-Library revision
supports it.

The following bugs have been fixed:

	Bug Fixes:

	BugId	   Description

	146	   Need multiple CS_COMMAND structures for ct_cursor
	147	   $date->calc() changes both the original $date and
		   the new date.
	148 does not export $DB_IN, $DB_OUT.
	151 does not define &dbwritetext().
	152 defines $main::ComputeID, sybperl 1.0xx
		   used $main::ComputeId.
	155	   Retrieving large integers (of numeric or decimal
		   data types) creates floating point data in
		   exponential notation.
	156	   dbsetversion() does not work.
	123	   Allow logging for dbwritetext().

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	North America

I checked on a
couple of minutes ago, and 2.03 had already made it there.

As always, comments and suggestions are gladly accepted...