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From: "Dennis R dot Sherman" <sherman at trln dot lib dot unc dot edu>
Subject: RE: These silly read receipts...
Date: Jan 31 1996 8:45PM

> Apologies for singling Tom out earlier about these 'read receipts'.
> There seem to be far too many of these for it to be the fault of
> individuals and their mailers...  Ahoy, list manager, could this be
> some sort of list configuration anomaly?  Please try to filter such
> stuff before it gets out to the list.
> Thanks!

I thought I'd already posted about the read receipt messages.

They're caused by someone posting to the list using a mailer that
requests receipt.  Pegasus Mail is often the culprit on other lists,
although I don't know what it is this time.  The message asking for
return receipt gets forwarded by the mailing list software, and then
everyone who has a mailer with receipt notification turned on replies to
that message automatically.

The message you received when you subscribed to the list explained this,
and asked that receipt notification be turned off before posting.  Older
versions of the mailing list software were unable to strip that header.

The version we're running now can strip headers, and I've redefined the
list so those headers will be stripped in the future. All of the read
receipt messages you've seen so far have been caused by a single posting
sometime in the last day or so.  For now, ignore them, and they'll go
away eventually.  If you were running a local mailing list or newsgroup
that this list was feeding, and it stops working, sorry. Stripping non
RFC-822 headers is an all or nothing proposition, and if your gateway was
depending on extra headers, they're gone now.

And while on the topic of mailing list administration, if you see
messages on the list that report non-receipt of a message, usually from a
MAILER-DAEMON somewhere, that's an indication that the mailer at *that*
site is incorrectly configured.  Messages on SybPerl-L go out with
several headers that are supposed to be used for error messages before
the Reply-To: header is used.  There's not a lot I can do if the mailers
we send to are broken.

And now back to your regularly scheduled SybPerl discussion.
  Dennis R. Sherman  	         Triangle Research Libraries Network       Univ. of North Carolina - Chapel Hill