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From: darrin at devel dot Corp dot Sun dot COM (darrin skinner)
Subject: Re: turn off request confirmations (was Re: Read Receipt)
Date: Jan 31 1996 11:01PM

I said:
> Subject: turn off request confirmations (was Re: Read Receipt)
> > Subject: Re: Read Receipt
> > Why do I keep getting these messages? Is there any command, I need
> > to send to the list server?
> You need to turn off "Request Confirmation" in your mail tool.

sorry, me, this is wrong.  I believe that Derek has the right idea...

Derek said:
> There seem to be far too many of these for it to be the fault of
> individuals and their mailers...  Ahoy, list manager, could this be
> some sort of list configuration anomaly?  Please try to filter such
> stuff before it gets out to the list.
> Thanks!
> Derek Simmel
> P.S.  Apologies to fellow subscribers for adding to the junk pile...

also, my apologies for not reading the manual first, thus adding to the 
junk pile.