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From: mpeppler at itf dot ch (Michael Peppler)
Subject: Re: Problem with large text fields
Date: Jan 31 1996 4:05PM

From: "Denis J. O'Connell" 
> I am definitely using a "text" datatype in my Sybase Table.  My queries (with 
> the large amounts of text) work if I build them and use them on command-line 
> in Sybase, so I am thinking that the limit is either on the Sybperl side, or 
> the HTML side.
> Below is the code that I used to build the save query, and then execute the 
> query.  I used the Perl library to ReadParse the input from HTML 
> into asscociative arrays called %in.  


> &dbcmd($dbproc, "$build");

I think that this is the problem. I've had cases where passing a single
very large buffer to dbcmd() (in C) did not work (ie the buffer got
truncated at 1024, or maybe 2048 bytes).

You can verify this by turning SQL logging on (see &dbrecftos()) and
examining the output. If this is indeed the problem then you can solve
it simply by calling dbcmd() for each parameter of the %in hash, for

Note that the quotes around $build are unnecessary.