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From: "Dr dot J dot S dot Farhat" <jfarhat at janainc dot com>
Subject: Re: Problem with large text fields
Date: Jan 31 1996 3:23AM

Check the field type, Sybase has a limit of number of char and varchar
characters that you
store within one field before you have to move to text type field. Check it out.
Good luck

At 05:28 PM 1/30/96 -0400, Denis J. O'Connell wrote:
>I am using Perl to grab info from a web page.  I then want to save that info 
>into a sybase database.  However, whenever someone enters a lot (more than 
>about 15 lines) of text into a text field, I am getting a malformed header 
>from script when I am building the query statement.  Is there a limit on the 
>amount of text that can be held in an associative array or saved as a one text 
>string?  I would appreciate any help, and will give more info about the 
>problem if anyone needs it.
>Thanks in advance,
>        Denis J. O'Connell       \_  \_  \_
>  Natural Intelligence, Inc.     \_\_\_  \_       tel (617) 876-7680 x1257
>                                 \_ \__  \_       fax (617) 492-7425
>                                 \_  \_  \_