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From: Ken Craig <ken at netdepot dot com>
Subject: Re: Sybperl 2.0 on NeXStep - no Makefile created
Date: Jan 29 1996 4:14PM

>Subject:     Re: Sybperl 2.0 on NeXStep - no Makefile created
>Sent:        01/29  9:21 AM
>Received:    01/29  11:00 AM
>From:        Mike Hanafey,
>> prompt>perl Makefile.PL
>> Checking if your kit is complete...
>> Looks good
>> prompt>make
>> Make: No arguments or description file.  Stop.
>> prompt>
>> The reason for the message is that no Makefile is created by 
>> Makefile.PL.
>> Suggestions?  I really don't know what's going on.
>I got exactly the same problem, but it happened only if I redefined the
>symbol CTLIB in CONFIGURE to zero in order to turn off the build of

I tried a number of different settings in the CONFIG file, but nothing 
helped.  I got it to create the makefile once, after I changed some 
permissions, but it didn't build because I had screwed up the config 
file.  Why didn't I just manually update my Makefile at this point?  
Because I'm a bonehead, I guess.  When I tried to run Makefile.PL again, 
it didn't update the makefile, so I did a "make clean" which wiped the 
makefile out.    
I updated my CONFIG file and ran Makefile.PL again, but no makefile 
created.  I changed the CONFIG back to the excact way it was when it DID 
work, but it would never create the makefile again.  Very inconsiderate 
of it, don't you think.  I'm giving up for now.

The following was also sent to me :

>i believe you've got to use perl5.001m instead.  i tried to use 5.001n
>and it also failed.

I might give this a try, but I've got to get an NT Server running 
Netscape, perl, etc. first.  


Ken and Rhea Craig                              


        "In our every deliberation, we must consider the impact of our 
         decisions on the next seven generations."