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From: mpeppler at itf dot ch (Michael Peppler)
Subject: Re: sybperl TEXT handling
Date: Jan 29 1996 8:52AM

From: (Rob Osattin)
> P.S. Note to Rudeboy: I'll send the real code next time. Nothing's secret. I 
> thought I was simplifying everything by providing pseudo-code instead of a 
> 1200 line listing. Sending a listing and asking "where's the error in here" 
> seemed like it would have been an imposition on everyone. But I'll do better 
> next time. 

Actually, your pseudo code was quite clear. The only problem is that I
had to convert it to a script (which took maybe 10 minutes or so)
before I could figure out what was wrong.

As a general comment, it's *usually* a lot of help if you (ie whoever
thinks they've found a bug, or don't understand some specific behaviour
of sybperl) try to create a test script that is as short and as generic
as possible, so that it can be run 'as is' on anyone's system, as this
speeds up the problem solving process tremendously. In addition, it
might help you find the (possible) coding error that causes the

At the moment I have the time to to do this sort of debugging, but I
may not always be this free...

Michael Peppler, ITF Management SA, Fontaine 13, CH-1204 Geneva - Tel (4122) 818 3021 - Fax (4122) 312 1322
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