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From: arenson at kiwi dot imgen dot bcm dot tmc dot edu (Andrew D dot Arenson)
Subject: make test 3
Date: Jan 25 1996 9:25PM

	For those of you who saw my previous two posts on this subject, I 
was having a problem compiling sybperl2.0 for solaris2.4, even though
I'd succesfully compiled it for sunos4.1.3. It turns out that the
solution was to set the EXTRA_LIBS variable to -lnsl.

	The comments in the CONFIG file mention that the -lnsl flag might
be needed for some platforms and that one should consult the OpenClient
Supplement. Well, I just prayed that we didn't need it, since I, for
some reason, don't have that supplement. It turns out that the information
could be found on the web, however:

	Compiling DB-Library Programs on UNIX System V Platform
Andy Trial-by-Fire-Systems-Programmer Arenson

Andrew D. Arenson            |
Baylor College of Medicine   |        (713)  H 960-9612
Informatics Core, Human Genome Center, Mol. & Hum. Genetics    | W 798-4689
One Baylor Plaza, Room S903, Houston, TX 77030                 | F 798-5386