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From: arenson at kiwi dot imgen dot bcm dot tmc dot edu (Andrew D dot Arenson)
Subject: make test
Date: Jan 25 1996 5:09PM

	I am getting the following errors when running make test:

t/dblib.............FAILED on test 0
t/dbmoney...........FAILED on test 0
t/sybperl...........FAILED on test 0

I am using a Sun Sparc 20 (4 processor) running Solaris2.4 .
I am compiling from sybperl-2.0.tar .
We have installed perl5.001m successfully.
We are using Sybase Server 4.9.2, although the files in our /usr/sybase/include
	directory are from a Server 10 distribution. I have been assured
	that these include files are compatible.

I have already successfuly compiled Sybperl using the same tar file on
	a Sparc 10 running SunOS4.1.3, using perl5.001m, and using the
	4.9.2 server (this time with the 4.9.2 includes). 

Using /usr/sybase/bin/isql and setting DSQUERY I have tested that the
	userid,password, and server I placed in the PWD file are correct and
	that the server is working.

Help! Help!


Andrew D. Arenson            |
Baylor College of Medicine   |        (713)  H 960-9612
Informatics Core, Human Genome Center, Mol. & Hum. Genetics    | W 798-4689
One Baylor Plaza, Room S903, Houston, TX 77030                 | F 798-5386