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From: ggs at tpd dot eds dot com (Gary_Sanders)
Subject: Re: Problems with writing text
Date: Jan 25 1996 5:18AM

Rob Osattin writes:


First, this is not meant as a flame.  Have you considered using Perl 5
and Micheal Pepplers (sp?) version of Sybper?  We have been using it
very successfully for some time now (knock on wood).  

BTW, I, myself, have never even programmed a line of 'C' code myself
to talk to Sybase so I'm afraid I can't be of much help in that

Gary Sanders

 > Date	1/24/96
 > Subject	Problems with writing text 
 > From	Rob Osattin
 > To	Sybperl Mailing List
 > CC	Keith Dryden, Don Morris
 >                       Problems with writing text data
 > Dear fellow Sybperl'ers,
 > My company uses a turnkey  client/server system with mac clients and Sun
 > servers running Sybase 10.0 under Solaris.  The software includes sybperl
 > programs that run under perl 4 to perform limited utility functions but we
 > wanted more so we wrote a sybperl program ourselves
 > But it doesn't work right. We're stumped and the vendor is useless. HELP!!
 > The purpose of the program is to continuously scan directories on the Sun
 > and copy the contents of all files found to rows in a certain table. Each
 > file goes into a text column in its own row. What we're seeing is that,
 > after a while, files are being run together- the text in the most recently
 > created row includes all the text of every row previously written since the
 > program was started. This is not good!
 > I'm suspecting that we've made some mistakes in either the &dbwritetext call
 > or have done something resulting in memory corruption. By the way, our
 > debugging shows that the contents of all perl variables are correct before
 > each call. The text presented to the writetext is, in all cases, what it
 > should be. It's not run together.
 > Here's the main logic outline. I'd appreciate any comments or criticisms you
 > might have. Please, no flames, it's our first sybperl. (I hope my metacode
 > is okay)
 >  ($dbproc1)   &dblogin
 >  ($dbproc2)   &dblogin
 >  ($dbproc1)   &dbuse
 >  ($dbproc2)   &dbuse
 >  ($dbproc1)   &dbsql (cmd+exec)  "set nocount on"
 >  .
 >  .
 >  file loop
 >     if file in directory
 >           ($dbproc1) &dbsql (cmd+exec) insert new row into story table
 > providing values for several columns      ***note the text column is not set
 > to anything here***
 >            read the contents of the file into variable $storyText ***this
 > variable looks fine each time ***
 >           ($dbproc1)  &dbsql (cmd+exec) update the row, setting a non text
 > column
 >           ($dbproc1)  &dbsql (cmd+exec) update the row, setting text column
 > to NULL
 >           ($dbproc2)  &dbsql (cmd+exec) select the text column from the row
 >           if &dbresults($dbproc2) != $NO_MORE_RESULTS
 >               repeatedly execute  ($dbproc2) &dbnextrow until results are 0
 > or null
 >               endif
 >            &dbwritetext($dbproc1, "story.text',$dbproc2,1,$storyText)  
 > ***actual statement***
 >            ($dbproc1)  &dbsql (cmd+exec) update the row with additional info
 > for other colums #1
 >            ($dbproc1)  &dbsql (cmd+exec) update the row with additional info
 > for other colums #2
 >            ($dbproc1)  &dbsql (cmd+exec) update the row with additional info
 > for other colums #3
 >        end of "if file in directory"
 >  end of file loop
 > Note that we're not using begin trans or commits. Could this be a problem?
 > Also,  although I didn't show it, we're checking the return status from each
 > call and are rolling back and exiting if a non zero status is returned.
 > I apologize for being so wordy here but this is the only way I know to
 > describe the problem.
 > I hope you Sybperl gurus can help. If not, I fear my management is going to
 > be so afraid of development in Sybperl that they'll force us either to C or
 > *choke* Cobol.
 > Please save us.
 > Thanks.
 > Rob Osattin
 > Atlanta Journal-Constitution
 > Atlanta, GA