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From: Bill Cannon <bcannon at mhsc dot medaphis dot com>
Subject: Re: Sybperl Error Message?
Date: Jan 22 1996 6:51PM

Martin Moessel wrote:
> == [ problems with interfaces file format SunOs vs. Solaris ]
> == [ suggestions to use sybinit or sybtli ]
> Note that sybtli doesn't exist in System 10 nor in System XI.
> If you need to convert a large interfaces file from sun4/rs6000/hp800/axposf
> format (which seems to be the most human readable) to any of solaris,
> ncr, vms, NT, Windows, DOS, or OS/2, I'll be happy to mail you a conversion
> script I wrote a while ago. Note that though I'm with Sybase this is NOT
> a supported product, is not shipped, and (insert your favorite disclaimer).
> The perl 4 script has a couple of limitations (can't handle SPX, the retry
> and timeout value) but has been used by several groups internally.
> Thanks
> Martin

Yes I would like to get a copy of your conversion script.  I used to
work for Sybase also and know they have many unsupported tools that are
quite useful.

Bill C.