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From: gabe at sio dot ucsd dot edu (Gabriel Lawrence)
Subject: Re: Sybperl Error Message?
Date: Jan 20 1996 8:16PM

> Please Help...
> I have been banging my head against a wall on this one.  I am
> migrating from SunOS to Solaris, and on Solaris, I get these error
> messages:
> Sybase error: Unknown network type found in interface file.
> The interface file comes from the SunOS stuff, and isql works fine on
> Solaris with this interface file. 
> Arrrggghhhhhhh what's going on?
Solaris uses completely different interface files. It has some strange encoding
which isnt completely explained in the manuals, but is a hex representation of
the IP addresses instead of the ASCII versions in SunOS. Why Sybase went from
a simple file format that can be edited to the new ugly format I dont know..

You can generate a proper interface file using the sybinstall utility...