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From: Joel Truher <truher at wired dot com>
Subject: Re: Sybperl question
Date: Jan 19 1996 8:37PM

In message <>, Gisle Aas writes:
>Doug Fairclough wrote:
>> dont use IDENTITY !  they SUCK !  rebuild youree table without them,
>> using an int field that you control the incremental of.
>Can you explain why and how much they suck?
>We have just started with a major project and we use IDENTITY on several 
>tables.  We would really like to know if we better not.
>Gisle Aas

Aside from the fact that IDENTITY is just a shortcut for a very simple
transaction, so you don't *really* need it unless you *really* need to
make that simple transaction very fast . . .

there's a BUG in the Sybase implementation which shows up when
your dataserver terminates abnormally. In that case, on recovery,
the dataserver loses its mind and sets burningfactor to about half
the precision of the identity, and picks up somewhere, like, oh,
2e12, which is where it thought it left off.  Anyway, Sybase says
to use an aborted transaction which explicitly sets an identity
column, and that fixes the problem, but I'm not really happy with