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From: Steve Coleman - SEWP <scoleman at sewp dot nasa dot gov>
Subject: Re: Sybperl question
Date: Jan 19 1996 2:12PM

Excerpts from what Ivan Simon said:

 |I have a question about sybperl.
 |Sometimes Sybase generates IDENTITY numbers that are very large,
 |18 digits long. This is too long for sybperl and perl to handle
 |as an integer and so they are converted to exponential notation
 |when they are returned from sybase to perl throught sybperl.
 |I would like to catch these values as strings on the perl side
 |without changing the sybase stored procedure that returns them.
 |(Do a convert(varchar(20),inst_id) in the stored procedure).
 |Any suggestions as to how I can do this.

1) if the table will not grow too large you can change the precision
   for the identity field when you create the table.

   create table MyTable (
      my_id  numeric(9,0) identity,

   The unfortunate part is you need to recreate the table.

2) If you must use a stored procedure and you can't modify the tables
   then you can call it from another 'wrapper' stored procedure that does 
   your convert(varchar,my_id) for you.
 |Ivan Simon.
 |Algorithmics Incorporated, 822 Richmond St. W., 3rd Floor.
 |Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M6J 1C9.
 |TEL: (416)703-0898 ext. 242, FAX: (416)703-0767,

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