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From: mpeppler at itf dot ch (Michael Peppler)
Subject: Re: Sybperl 2.0 Installation problems
Date: Jan 11 1996 7:27AM

> I've been following the list and the FAQ, and I haven't seen anyone
>with this problem before.  I'm running perl 5.001m, and I'm trying to
>compile Sybperl 2.0.  We have Sybase 10, although I'm clueless as to
>how to find out how to get more specific than that.  perl Makefile.PL
>goes fine, but when I do the make, I get this:
> [ 202 ]% make

[ ...deleted... ]

> gcc -c -O -fpic -I/product/perl/lib/perl5/sun4-solaris/CORE -DCTLIBVS=100 -DSYBPLVER='"2.0"' -DUNDEF_BUG -I/product/sybase10/include CTlib.c
> CTlib.c: In function `constant':
> CTlib.c:1494: parse error before `CS_VOID'
> CTlib.c:1506: parse error before `CS_VOID'


This error has pointed out something to me that may need fixing, but I
am still surprised that gcc will not let you compile it (while it works

Initially it looked like CS_VOID was not defined for some reason (and
you can test to see if this is the case by adding

#ifnef CS_VOID
#define CS_VOID void

near the top of CTlib.xs)

However, after some closer analysis, I see that the first error happens
when constant() tries to return CS_BLKDESC, which is normally
typedef'ed to 'struct _cs_blkdesc. Aha! Normally, this would mean the
CS_BLKDESC is *not* #define'd, so the code

		if (strEQ(name, "CS_BLKDESC"))
		    return CS_BLKDESC;
		goto not_there;

should compile the 'goto not_there' branch. (I verified this here by
trying this little script:

kiruna (8:20am):32 > perl -e 'use Sybase::CTlib; print &CS_BLKDESC, "\n";' 

Your vendor has not defined Sybase::CTlib macro CS_BLKDESC, used at -e line 1 (main).
kiruna (8:21am):33 > 

We are getting closer :-)

So now we take a look at the Sybase include files again, and find that
CS_BLKDESC *can* end up #define'd (as CS_VOID) *if* 'lint is #define'd
(see cspublic.h, around line 750). So it looks like your copy of gcc
thinks that it is lint, or that something else #defines 'lint' (or that
your copy of cspublic.h is somhow munged...)

In CONFIG, try adding -Ulint to the EXTRA_DEFS line, and see what happens...

Hope this helps, and isn't totally confusing the issue :-)