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From: "Denis J dot O'Connell" <denis at natural dot com>
Subject: FYI: Installing Perl on Solaris 2.4
Date: Jan 9 1996 9:26PM

Hi everybody,

We are trying to install Sybperl-2.0 but are having trouble getting Perl 
5.001m to install. It seems to die when compiling the POSIX extensions to 
perl. We are using the gnu compiler (2.5.6) because we don't have the C 
compiler for Solaris. We are trying to make the transition from SunOS to 
Solaris and this is our last piece of software to move over. Any ideas what is 
going wrong? It is giving us compiler errors:

POSIX.c:67: parse error before `*'
POSIX.c:67: warning: data definition has no type or storage class
POSIX.c: In function `XS_POSIX__SigSet_new':
POSIX.c:2168: `POSIX__SigSet' undeclared (first use this function)
POSIX.c:2168: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once
POSIX.c:2168: for each function it appears in.)
POSIX.c:2168: parse error before `RETVAL'


Thanks for any help.

        Denis J. O'Connell       \_  \_  \_
  Natural Intelligence, Inc.     \_\_\_  \_       tel (617) 876-7680 x1257
                                 \_ \__  \_       fax (617) 492-7425
                                 \_  \_  \_