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From: pmarquess at claudius dot bfsec dot bt dot co dot uk (Paul Marquess)
Subject: Re: www-sybase access for *BSD machines ?
Date: Jan 8 1996 11:41AM

From: mpeppler@itf.CH (Michael Peppler)
> From: Nitin Borwankar 
> > 
> > In your message you, Joao Carlos Mendes Luis, said in most eloquent fashion
> > > 
> > > Hi all,
> > > 
> > >   We're trying to install some form of WWW-sybase access in our site.
> > > We gave SYBPERL a try, but when talking to SYBASE about open-client
> > > we discovered that there's not a version for NetBSD, FreeBSD or even
> > > BSDI.
> > 
> > I know it's not the same thing but there was a dblib for
> > linux on the sybase web site available as freeware.
> > 
> > nitin
> Actually, I *think* Sybase had only put up CTlib as freeware, not
> DBlib. (We may need to push Sybase a bit to get the DBlib part too...)

My understanding is that DBlib is on the way out and that Sybase will
only continue to develop CTlib. So perhaps the absence of DBlib isn't
too bad in the long term. Not much use for the short term, I know.