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From: Nitin Borwankar <nitin at borwankar dot com>
Subject: Re: www-sybase access for *BSD machines ?
Date: Jan 5 1996 7:43PM

In your message you, Joao Carlos Mendes Luis, said in most eloquent fashion
> Hi all,
>   We're trying to install some form of WWW-sybase access in our site.
> We gave SYBPERL a try, but when talking to SYBASE about open-client
> we discovered that there's not a version for NetBSD, FreeBSD or even

I know it's not the same thing but there was a dblib for
linux on the sybase web site available as freeware.


>   Since our systems run NetBSD (maybe FreeBSD someday), a method which
> does not require another machine/OS would be good.  A option would
> be to run Solaris/x86, but this is not the preferred one.
>   The question: Is there something to make this www-sybase gateway
> that does not need open client or run in the *BSD world ?
>   Even if we try the Solaris version, does anybody have experiences
> with the x86 environment ?
>   TIA,
> 					Jonny
> --
> Joao Carlos Mendes Luis
> +55 21 290-4698 ( Job )
> Network Manager				UFRJ/COPPE/CISI
> Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro