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From: mpeppler at itf dot ch (Michael Peppler)
Subject: ANNOUNCE: Sybperl 2.01
Date: Jan 5 1996 4:30PM

I have just uploaded Sybperl 2.01 to CPAN. It will be available from
CPAN mirror sites in the next day or so, as


See below for a list of CPAN mirror sites.

This is mainly a bug fix release, and includes updated Makefiles to
build with both Perl 5.001m and Perl 5.002 beta.

For performance reasons, the Sybase::CTlib native handling of
DateTime, Money and Numeric data has been made optional. In particular
when retrieving data in a very tight loop the amount of time spent
handling these special data items can become inordinate. The behaviour
is now controled via special attributes that can be set globally or by
connection. See the 'Attributes' sub-section in	the CTlib section of
the manual (pod/sybperl.pod).

The following bugs have been fixed:

	BugId	    Description

	130	    CTlib/t/ctlib.t test fails on AIX
	136	    CTlib fails test on an Onyx running Irix
	137	    dbnextrow core dumps when retrieve row with binary
		    length > 140
	135	    Behaviour change of DBlib::sql not documented in README
	133	    MakeMaker 5.03 doesn't work with Sybperl.
	132	    Bizarre copy of CODE in subroutine entry at
		    t/dblib.t line 93.
	138	    Problems installing sybperl after upgrading to
		    5.002 beta 1f.
	140	    CTlib uses excessive amounts of memory.

CPAN is the Comprehensive Perl Arhive Network:




	North America