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From: fwh01 at health dot state dot ny dot us (Franklin Hsia)
Subject: problem with sybperl can't find loadable oject...
Date: Jan 5 1996 3:06PM


I just moved my code from development environment to the production environment
and what used to work does not anymore.  Obviously something about our
production environment is different, and that's what I need help on.

Anyway, my perl script now fails with the following message:

Can't find loadable object for module Sybase::DBlib in @INC at
/usr/local/lib/perl5/Sybase/ line 97
Begin failed -- compilation aborted at email-search.cgi line 72.

I suspect something is missing with either Sybperl or Sybase in our production
environment.  The systems person copied the Sybperl files from our 
development environment to the production environment.  Perhaps they need to
reinstall?  They don't want to do that unless necessary.  The production 
machine is quite sparse.  It does not have a C compiler on it or much of
anything else except the Netscape Commerce Server...  

Sybase 10.02, Solaris 2.3, Sybperl 2.1

I would appreciate any help or suggestions.  Thanks.
Franklin W. Hsia                      
Bureau of HEALTHCOM Network Systems Management, New York State Dept. of Health
Room C-146, Concourse, Empire State Plaza, Albany,  NY  12201  USA
Phone number: (518) 474-1636          E-mail: