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From: Sean Dowd <ssd at mmts dot eds dot com>
Subject: building on SGI
Date: Dec 1 1995 6:18PM

I'm trying to install sybperl 2.0 on an SGI (irix 5.3) with Sybase OC
10.0.1.  When I run perl, I get the following:

	[ssd@falcon:sybperl-2.0] 5> perl Makefile.PL 
	Checking if your kit is complete...
	Looks good
	CONFIG key 'ar' does not exist in
	CONFIG key 'lib_ext' does not exist in
	CONFIG key 'obj_ext' does not exist in

My Perl is 5.001m.
This is my CONFIG.

# Configuration file for Sybperl
# DBlibrary version. Set to 1000 (or higher) if you have System 10
# Set to 0 if you do not want to build DBlib or if DBlib is not available
# (Linux, for example)

# CTlib version. Set to 0 if Client Library is not available on your
# system, or if you don't want to build the CTlib module. The Client
# Library started shipping with System 10.
# Note that the CTlib module is still under construction, though the
# core API should be stable now.
# Set to 100 if you have System 10.

# Where is the Sybase directory on your system (include files &
# libraries are expected to be found at SYBASE/include & SYBASE/lib

# Additional libraries.
# Some systems require -lnsl or -lBSD.
# See the Sybase OpenClient Supplement for your OS/Hardware
# combination.

# Additional #defines.
# With Perl 5.001 there is a bug when returning an array that is
# entirely populated with 'undef' values (as would be the case when
# fetching a row where all the values are NULL. By defining UNDEF_BUG
# you enable a (crude) work around.

# If you wish to link Sybase::DBlib and/or Sybase::CTlib statically
# into perl uncomment the line below and run the make normally. Then,
# when you run 'make test' a new perl binary will be built.

# The sybperl version info is now extracted from the patchlevel.h
# file in this directory.
# Sybperl version - shouldn't need to change this.