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From: mpeppler at itf dot ch (Michael Peppler)
Subject: Administrativia (sigh: again)
Date: Dec 26 1995 2:53PM

Dear all...

The sybperl list has moved again...

As you all noticed last week the mailing list software that was being
used at NCSU wasn't able to cope with a number of problems, in
particular with error/warning messages from mail transport agents that
got re-sent out to the list.

I'm sorry this happened, and I took steps as quickly as I could to
correct this.

I have therefore decided, with the help of Dennis Sherman, to move the
list to

I hope that this will solve the problem, and that we will be able to
concentrate on sybperl rather than on the working of the list!

FYI, the old address ( has not been disabled yet.

Below is the confirmation message for subscribing to the list, as well
as info on how to get off...




You have been added to mailing list

This list exists to enable discussion between users of the SybPerl
package of extensions to the Perl language, enabling access to Sybase

NOTE: if you are using mail software that is able to request confirmation
of message receipt, be *certain* that feature is turned off before you
post.  Pegasus Mail is notorious for this -- it clogs up the mailing list
terribly.  Repeat:  Do NOT request confirmation of receipt of messages
sent to a mailing list.

All messages to this list are archived at the host site,  They may be searched or retrieved via Gopher or
retrieved via an email fileserver. 

To search or retrieve the archives via Gopher, Gopher to, 
	Other TRLN Services
	  SybPerl Mailing List Archives

For information about the fileserver, send a message to, with the single line 
in the body of the message.

Further administrative requests regarding this list should be sent to


The following commands can be handled automatically by

    SIGNOFF             - to remove yourself from the list
    REVIEW              - to get a list of subscribers
    QUERY               - to get the status of your entry on the list
    SET NOMAIL          - to remain on the list but not receive mail
    SET MAIL            - to reverse the NOMAIL setting
    SET CONCEAL         - to conceal yourself from REVIEW listings
    SET NOCONCEAL       - to reverse the CONCEAL setting
    SET NOREPRO         - to prevent the list from sending you your own postings
    SET REPRO           - to reverse the NOREPRO setting
    LIST                - to get a list of mailing lists available on this host
    HELP                - to receive a help file

(This message was generated automatically.)
1995-12-22 drs