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From: c22309 at j1xsfs90 dot is dot nwa dot com (Mark Conty)
Subject: Re: errors...
Date: Nov 30 1995 10:10PM

/G=Charles/S=Phares/OU=CS/O=Sprint.SAC/PRMD=SPRINT.VINES/ writes:
> Thanks for the reply!  I am still having the problem, and it seems clearly 
> to me that it is environmental.  Could something in the file permits be 
> causing a problem? /usr/local is
> drwxr-sr-x as are all of the directories to the target file.  I don't 
> understand the significance of having the s permit for groups on a 
> directory.  Should I change this?

This is from the chmod(2) man page:

     If a directory has the set group ID bit set,  a  given  file
     created within that directory will have the same group ID as
     the directory, if that group ID is part of the group ID  set
     of  the  process that created the file. Otherwise, the newly
     created file's group ID will be set to the  effective  group
     ID of the creating process.
     If the mode bit 02000 (set group ID on execution) is set and
     the  mode bit 00010 (execute or search by group) is not set,
     mandatory file/record locking will exist on a regular  file.
     This  may affect future calls to open(2), creat(2), read(2),
     and write(2) on this file.

As far as whether or not you should change it, that depends on what your
intentions are for that directory, in terms of how you want it to work.

Offhand, I wouldn't think that would affect you directly.  You can make
sure by trying to open the file directly (with "vi", "more", etc.) while
logged in as the non-root user.  If you _can_ get to the file, then the
set-group-ID bit wouldn't appear to be a factor.

I'm runnin' outta ideas, here -- anyone else wanna take a shot?
Mark D. Conty                       
Northwest Airlines                        
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