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From: llagos at verdi dot entel dot cl
Subject: Problems with Sybperl and Genera
Date: Nov 30 1995 11:32PM
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i'm in troubles with Genera installation...

I'll tell you:

I spent a whole week trying to install genera/sybperl/perl in a NCR s3k 
machine, but it was a lot painful, so i turned to a Sun solaris system. In this 
new scenario, i've installed:

Sybase 10.0.2 + OpenClient/C
perl 5.001m (ok)
sybperl-2.0 (ok; appart from perl; not as an extension)
genera (ok, but for a missing parameter in a dbsetopt() in sybfmt.c:117)

When i say "ok" i mean the procedures of installation and testing of the 
programs run ok. Now, i've tryied to generate schemas for an existing db (pubs2 
from the scripts directory under Sybase). So, i moved the genera directory to 
the htdocs tree, defined DB (pubs2) and DBDIR (/.../htdocs/genera), but the 
very first line of sch2sql begun with problems:

1) Where is "sybperl"? I do a "find" looking for it, but there is no such a 
program in all my disk.!!!

2) I changed this "sybperl" to "perl", and the "sch2sql" script aborts saying:
# ./sch2sql -all
Literal @key now requires backslash at ./sch2sql line 117, within string
Execution of ./sch2sql aborted due to compilation errors.
I've defined DBDIR and DB before doing this.

So, what more is needed to do?

I've installed Sybase 10.0.2 + OpenClient/C. Do i need anything else (Embedeed 
SQL or similar)???

Should i try installing sybperl as an extension to perl?

Thanks a lot for any help,

Leonardo Lagos
Entel Chile