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From: /G=Charles/S=Phares/OU=CS/O=Sprint dot SAC/PRMD=SPRINT dot VINES/ at sprint dot com
Subject: RE: errors...
Date: Nov 30 1995 2:46PM

>Off the top of my head, any of these could be causing your problem:
>*Compare env var LD_LIBRARY_PATH between "root" and the regular user.  It
>  might be that "root" lists "/sybase/lib" (or whatever the path is to 
> Sybase libraries) and the regular userID doesn't.  Likewise, compare the
>  settings of env var PERL5LIB.

LD_LIBRARY_PATH is /usr/openwin/lib in both cases.

>* Make sure that both users are running the same Perl5 binary, using 
>  (or "whence", as we KSHers say).

perl is /usr/local/bin/perl, an ELF 32-bit MSB executable SPARC Version 1, 
dynamically linked, not stripped. :)

>* Make sure that the regular userID has access to 
> and its subordinate directories.

Yes, I can vi the file which is in the error message,  The line 
which errors is a call to bootstrap Sybase::CTlib.  Is this significant?

>* Make sure that you're not calling "./" from a directory to 
>  "root" has access but the regular userID doesn't.

I made a copy of the script, and added the username/password.

>* Have you ever built/run Perl and/or Sybperl on this machine before?  I 
>  is your Perl binary configured to look in /usr/local/lib/perl5/, by 
>  You can check this out with:

This is my first time building Perl/sybperl  on this machine, and the first 
time I have ever built Perl5.

>    $ perl -e 'BEGIN { print STDOUT join("\n",@INC); exit(0); }'


>Hope this helps...

Thanks for the reply!  I am still having the problem, and it seems clearly 
to me that it is environmental.  Could something in the file permits be 
causing a problem? /usr/local is
drwxr-sr-x as are all of the directories to the target file.  I don't 
understand the significance of having the s permit for groups on a 
directory.  Should I change this?

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>Northwest Airlines                        
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