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From: Christopher Jobson <jobson at sybase dot com>
Subject: static / dynamic linking of sybperl and relationship to other packages
Date: Nov 27 1995 5:47PM


I am no great expert on the usage of packages, and hope someone else has bumped
into this problem and has a solution !

My platform is Sun4 / SunOS 4.1.3. I am using perl5.001e and sybperl-2b3.

Basically, I am trying to build a package that will sit alongside sybperl
and also provide an API for accessing DBlib calls (in much the same way that
Sybase::DBlib provides an API for accessing DBlib). I want to be able to
use BOTH my package (which is called 'Sybase::review') AND 'Sybase::DBlib'.
My motivation for doing this is that I need to access a library (
that is also used elsewhere (ie. NOT from perl).

So, from perl I will have calls to routines with names like review_open(),
review_close() etc. I have a 'use Sybase::review;' call in the relevant place.
I have built the necessary, review.xs etc. files and installed them
in lib/auto/Sybase/review.

I will thus be accessing two sharable libs : and
Of course, I also have the XS-related sharable objects that REFER to these
two libs. These have the names and Note also that the library ALSO refers to

However, I run into problems with respect to the Dynamic loader, which 
about problems with a message along the lines of :

Can't load '/remote/cpetools/dse/lib/perl5/sun4-sunos/auto/review/' 
 module review: conflicting usage of dlopen'ed dependents at 
ools/dse/lib/perl5/ line 128.

It seems that this happens when the loader (via dlopen()) tries to pull in
a second sharable library (in this case ../review/ which refers to
an underlying sharable library ( which is ALSO referenced via an
earlier dlopen(). Ie. if we do

use Sybase::DBlib
use Sybase::review

then, if both packages use libsybdb, we get the above warning. Interestingly
enough, this problem does NOT happen if I build and link on HP.

Can someone suggest a workaround ?

Also, I have tried linking the various extensions statically into the perl
binary - but got confused here, as I couldn't work out how to stop the dynamic
loader from trying to pick up the sharable object ( even though it
has been statically linked into the perl binary. I think I mist be doing
something wrong here ...

Any clues ? There may be a useful FAQ on the subject ...

- Chris


 Chris Jobson                                    Email:
 European DSE,
 Sybase Europe BV,
 Sybase Court,                                   Voice:      +44-(0)1628-597263
 Crown Lane,                                     Switchboard:+44-(0)1628-597100
 Maidenhead,                                     Fax:        +44-(0)1628-597112
 Berkshire     SL6 8QZ
 United Kingdom.