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From: bv1 at dsunix2 dot dsrd dot ornl dot gov (Ron Browning)
Subject: Re: Sybperl query
Date: Nov 21 1995 7:28PM

>Shankar Kris writes:
>> On Tue, 21 Nov 1995, Mark Lonsdale - System Services wrote:
>> > What I want to do  within my script is to log into 2 different servers
>> > are referenced in 2 seperate interfaces files.  I assumed that sybperl
>> > look for the interfaces file in the location specified by the SYBASE
>> >  Assuming this what I have done is as follows :-
>> > 
>> > $ENV('SYBASE')="/tmp/firstlocation";
>> > 
>> > $firstconnection=&dblogin($user, $password, $firstserver)
>> > 
>> > $ENV('SYBASE')="/tmp/secondlocation";
>> > $secondconnection=&dblogin($user, $password, $firstserver);
>>   shouldn't this be,
>>   $ENV{'SYBASE'} = "....";
>>   $firstconnection =.....
>>   probably your script never read the SYBASE env thru your program
>>   but read the value from a previously set environment.
>Right, check your $ENV{...} references for 'SYBASE', as well as all other
>associative array references.  (Check the FAQ or Camel book if you're not
>clear on how associative array references are done.)
>The other thing you might have to do is declare your "interfaces" files,
>as follows:
>	&dbsetifile("$SYBDIR[0]/interfaces");
>	$ENV{'SYBASE'} = $SYBDIR[0];
>	$connection[0] = &dblogin($user[0],$password[0],$server[0]);
>	&dbsetifile("$SYBDIR[1]/interfaces");
>	$ENV{'SYBASE'} = $SYBDIR[1];
>	$connection[1] = &dblogin($user[1],$password[1],$server[1]);
>							^^^^^^^^^^
>				(You use $firstserver in your code above,
>				but the second time, you want the _second_
>				server, right? :-)
>I started using &dbsetifile() when I moved my SybPERL program to a Solaris
>client (where I built "sybperl" using Sybase 10.x DBLib) talking to a 4.9.2
>server running on a SunOS 4.1.x host.  (The "interfaces" files' formats
>differ between the two releases.)  I haven't tried, but I would _think_
>that you should be able to make a second &dbsetifile() call after logging
>into the first server.  Check the DBLib reference manual, to see if there
>is any mention of this there.  (I would, but mine's not handy right now...)
>Let us know if your experimentation turns up anything of interest in this
>area.  I would expect that we'll see more and more of these questions as
>people continue to migrate to System 10, and eventually on to System 11
>as well.

Unless the names of the servers are the same, why not have the reference to
both servers in the same interface file?

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