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From: Bunyan at nepo1 dot iaea dot or dot at (Bunyan Gordon)
Subject: Re: Problem Installing sybperl
Date: Nov 7 1995 11:42AM

Thanks for the help,

Yes I've just talked to the webmaster here and the Open Client Libraries
were ordered 2 months ago, and arrived yesterday. I've also asked them to
upgrade Perl to the latest path level.

If all goes well sybperl should be up and running in a few days.

Regards, Gordon.

From: Michael Peppler
To: Bunyan Gordon
Cc: sybperl-list
Subject: Re: Problem Installing sybperl
Date: Tuesday, 1995 November, 07 7:48AM

From: (Bunyan Gordon)
> I'm trying to install sybperl2-b3 on a HP 9000. I intend to use sybperl 
> perl5 and access MS SQL Server databases (on NT workstations), the
> results will be manipulated by perl for eventual presentation to a user
> via the web.
> A vanilla version of Perl5.001 is installed and working.

May I suggest getting 5.001m? This would help you quite a bit!

> Sybase is not installed.

Do you have the Sybase Open CLient libraries on the HP? If you don't
then you *can't* build sybperl on the HP (although someone may be
willing to send you a pre-compiled binary...

> cpp: "CTlib.c", line 20: error 4036: Can't open include file 'ctpublic.h'.

ctpublic.h is part of the Sybase Open Client libraries, etc. You *must*
have this software package to build sybperl, although, as I mentioned
above, you don't need them to *run* sybperl if it is statical linked.