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From: dhagberg at gds dot com (D dot J dot Hagberg)
Subject: Re: Solaris Perl/Sybperl
Date: Nov 10 1995 10:57PM

If you're absolutely in dire need of a binary dist. of perl/sybperl
for Solaris, I've made a copy available via my web page:


    perl 5.001m  -- the latest "stable" perl
    sybperl 2b3  -- not-quite latest sybperl but OK for DBlib
    Tk b8 (?)    -- some semi-recent version of the Tk interface
    GD 1.2       -- Interface to Boutell's GIF Drawing lib
    MD5          -- MD5 message digest algorithm from RSA

This needs to be installed by root and will live under /usr/local:

To see what will be installed where:

    su -
    cd /
    gzip -dc perl5.001m_sol24.tar.gz | tar tvf -

To install:

    cd /
    gzip -dc perl5.001m_sol24.tar.gz | tar xvf -
    cd /usr/local/man
    catman -w -M .

Note also that the Sybase::DBlib dynamically loads against a 
Sybase OpenClient install.  It has a default search path for 
/usr/lib and /opt/sybase/lib.  If your OpenClient libraries are
in another path, each user will need to add that path to their
LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable.  CGI scripts will need to 
be wrapped by a shell script that sets LD_LIBRARY_PATH, as that's 
not passed though most httpd servers.  Remember, as always, to 
set your SYBASE and DSQUERY environment variables.

This perl also includes the added dynamic libraries for Tk, 
MD5 and GD.  Man pages should be under /usr/local/man/man3 for 
these, except for GD which disappeared on me.  I've never used the
Tk extension, so I'll be unable to answer any questions or even
tell you whether it works.

Hope this helps,

			-=- D. J.