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From: jander at lehman dot com (Jim Anderson)
Subject: Re: perl5.001n and Sybperl2.0
Date: Nov 10 1995 2:24PM

>>>>> "Shigeya" == Shigeya Suzuki  writes:

Shigeya> Are there anyone using Sybperl2.0 with Perl5.001n?  I could
Shigeya> not track down well enough, but for me, "sql" method call
Shigeya> behavior looks changed. Does this caused by patch 1n?

Shigeya> When I say;

Shigeya> 	@r = $db->sql($sql)

Shigeya> It used to return a array of rows separated by separator. But
Shigeya> now, it returns array of "array references".

Shigeya> When I copy sql() subroutine to my program, remove '$db' from
Shigeya> the argument, (and db handle is at $db global ) rename it to
Shigeya> Xsql, run it, it work same as past.

Shigeya> I'm running them on SunOS4.1.4

Shigeya> Know this kind of problem?

Shigeya> I haven't test this with 1m and sybperl2.0.

Shigeya> shigeya

This is documented inthe file README-2.0

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