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From: jander at lehman dot com (Jim Anderson)
Subject: Re: extension installation problem
Date: Nov 8 1995 6:31PM

>>>>> "jim" == Jim Anderson  writes:
 jim> I just installed 5.001n on a Solaris box, and all tests passed fine. I
 jim> then issued 'perl Makemaker.PL' to install Sybperl 2.0, but all I got was

 jim> helpdsyb1[scopusad]53: perl Makefile.PL
 jim> Checking if your kit is complete...
 jim> Looks good

 jim> ... and _no_ makefile!!! What might keep MakeMaker from creating a makefile?

> Please try with MakeMaker 5.03, which is available on CPAN. As I
> convinced myself, 5.03 writes a Makefile. There IS some mysterous
> magic going on with the Version number. The generated Makefile has the
> line
> MM_VERSION = 2.0
> instead of 5.03. Other than that I could not test it, as I don't have
> Sybase at hand right now. Will look into that during the weekend. Let
> me know, how it goes.

I just installed MakeMaker 5.03 and get exactly the same results,
i.e., no makefile gets generated :-( I don't have a clue what's going

(BTW, I noticed that the CPAN mirror at delphi is extremely out-of-date.)

Jim Anderson					Phone:  (201)524-4076
Lehman Brothers, Inc.				Fax:	(201)524-5153 
101 Hudson Street, 34th Floor			E-mail:
Jersey City, NJ 07302