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From: c22309 at j1xsfs90 dot is dot nwa dot com (Mark Conty)
Subject: Info from PERL FAQ in response to various PERL/Sybperl questions
Date: Nov 8 1995 3:41PM

Mike Reed writes:
> Does anyone know where I can d/l the binaries for perl 5 and sybperl 2 for
> Solaris?

Ernest Fan - Sun Asia ENS Temp writes:
> SybPerl is totally new to me, can anyone send me some script of 
> SybPerl so that I can study it and learn how to use it? 
> Any pointers are also appreciated!

Jiangyan LIN writes:
> We found the kit Sybperl wrriten by you 
> on the Internet which requires Perl5.001. But we have only perl5.000. We are 
> so interested in the Sybperl that we are very regreatful for not using it. I 
> found Perl5.001 on and downloaded it. But it is too 
> time consuming (about 1 hour only for transferring 100kbytes and the whole 
> kit is 1.1Mbytes). What is more important is that we don't know if it can be 
> used on our machine SUN Sparc 1000.
> Would you please tell me whereelse t find Perl5.001 which can be used on 
> SUN1000?
> And more , in the file Makefile.PL , there is a subroutine named 
> WriteMakefile. It is consider as unknown subroutine and the writeMakefile is 
> known. Is it because of perl5.000 or misspelled?

The following excerpts from the PERL FAQ tell where to obtain the PERL
and Sybperl packages.  (The FAQ itself should be at any of these sites,
as well as at the central FAQ repository, "".)  The Sybperl
installation package includes test scripts, which I found quite helpful
in gaining some understanding of how things are set up.

Also, in response to the question about WriteMakefile(), check in your
PERL /lib/ directory (I believe the default is /usr/local/lib/perl5/).  If
you don't see file "ExtUtils/" in there, then I guess that it's
not in the Perl5.000 package.  This means that you'll have to retrieve the
Perl5.001m package from one of the sites listed in the FAQ.

>                                Perl FAQ 1.12
>                    How can I get Perl over the Internet?
> Perl is available from any comp.sources.misc archive. You can use an archie
> server (see the alt.sources FAQ in news.answers) to find these if you want.
>     Version 4:
>     Volume  Issues  Patchlevel and Notes
>     ------  ------  ------------------------------------------------
>       18    19-54   Patchlevel 3, Initial posting.
>       20    56-62   Patches 4-10
>     Version 5:
>     Volume  Issues  Patchlevel and Notes
>     ------  ------  -----------------------------------------------
>       45    64-128  Initial Posting, patchlevel 0.
> Since 1993, a number of archives have sprung up specifically for Perl and
> Perl related items. Larry maintains the official distribution site (for both
> perl4.036 and perl5) at netlabs. Probably the largest archive is at the
> University of Florida. In order of probability these sites will have the
> sources.
>     Site    Directory and notes                         IP
>     ---------------------------------------------       -------
>     North America:
>             not current as of 7/15/95
>             not current as of 7/15/95
>             not current as of 7/15/95
>     Europe:
>     Australia:
>     South America (mirror of
> If there is a site in Asia or Japan, please tell us about it. Thanks!
> You can also retrieve perl via non-ftp methods:
>     gopher://


>                                Perl FAQ 1.20
>                    What is dbperl and where can I get it?
> Many database-oriented extensions to Perl have been written. Basically,
> these use the usub mechanism (see the usub/ subdirectory) in the source
> distribution) to link in a database library, allowing embedded calls to
> Informix, Ingres, Interbase, Oracle and Sybase.
> [... snip ...]
> The official archive for DBperl extensions is
> It's the home of the evolving DBperl API
> Specification. Here's an extract from the updated README there:
>     DBI/        The home of the DBI archive. To join the DBI mailing list
>                 send your request to
>     DBD/        Database Drivers for the DBI ...
>     Oracle/      By Tim Bunce (not yet ready!)
>     Ingres/      By Tim Bunce (not yet started!)
>     mod/           Other Perl 5 Modules and Extensions ...
>     Sybperl/    By Michael Peppler,
>     perl4/         Perl 4 extensions (using the usub C interface)
>        oraperl/   ORACLE 6 & 7  By Kevin Stock,
>        sybperl/   SYBASE 4      By Michael Peppler,
>        ingperl/   INGRES        By Tim Bunce and Ted Lemon
>        isqlperl/  INFORMIX      By William Hails,
>        interperl/ INTERBASE     By Buzz Moschetti,
>        oraperl/   ORACLE 6 & 7  By Kevin Stock (sadly no longer on the net)
>        sybperl/   SYBASE 4      By Michael Peppler,
>        ingperl/   INGRES        By Tim Bunce and Ted Lemon
>        isqlperl/  INFORMIX      By William Hails,
>        interperl/ INTERBASE     By Buzz Moschetti,
>        uniperl/   UNIFY 5.0     By Rick Wargo,
>        pgperl/    POSTGRES      By Igor Metz,
>        btreeperl/ NDBM perl extensions.   By John Conover,
>        ctreeperl/ C-Tree perl extensions. By John Conover,
>        duaperl/   X.500 Directory User Agent. By Eric Douglas.
>     scripts/       Perl and shell scripts
>        rdb/       RDB is a perl RDBMS for ASCII files. By Walt Hobbs,
>        shql/      SHQL is an interactive SQL database engine.  Written as a
>                     shell script, SHQL interprets SQL commands and
>                     manipulates flat files based on those commands. By
>                     Bruce Momjian, root@candle.uucp
>        xbase/     Perl scripts for accessing xBase style files (dBase III)
>     refinfo/       Reference information
>        sqlsyntax/ Yacc and lex syntax and C source code for SQL1 and SQL2
>             from,
>             and a draft SQL3 syntax from Jeff Fried +
>        formats/   Details of file formats such as Lotus 1-2-3 .WK1
> There are also a number of non SQL database interfaces for perl available
> from These include:
>     Directory   Target System   Authors and notes
>     ---------   -------------   -------------------------------------------
>     btreeperl   NDBM extension  John Conover (
>     ctreeperl   CTree extension John Conover (
>     duaperl     X.500 DUA       Eric Douglas
>     rdb         RDBMS           Walt Hobbs (
>     shql        SQL Engine      Bruce Momjian (root@candle.uucp)

If you don't have a copy of the PERL FAQ, I'd recommend that you pick
up a copy of it, or refer to the Hypertext version of the PERL FAQ,
which you can find at "".  (A copy of the
Sybperl FAQ was sent out to this mailing list a few days ago, so you
should already have that.)

(Pardon my taking the liberty of responding for Michael, but he's on
vacation and I didn't see any purpose in having y'all wait until he got
back for an answer.  I'm not a PERL or Sybperl contributor or anything --
just another grateful (Syb)PERL user.)

Good luck!
Mark D. Conty                       
Northwest Airlines                        
IS/Applications                   <><