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From: etdrc at public dot bta dot net dot cn
Subject: something about perl5.001 and Sybperl
Date: Nov 8 1995 12:27PM

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Dear Mr. Michael Peppler,
I am very sorry to disturb you without getting known by you before. I am a 
software engineer of MPT of China. We found the kit Sybperl wrriten by you 
on the Internet which requires Perl5.001. But we have only perl5.000. We are 
so interested in the Sybperl that we are very regreatful for not using it. I 
found Perl5.001 on and downloaded it. But it is too 
time consuming (about 1 hour only for transferring 100kbytes and the whole 
kit is 1.1Mbytes). What is more important is that we don't know if it can be 
used on our machine SUN Sparc 1000.
Would you please tell me whereelse t find Perl5.001 which can be used on 
And more , in the file Makefile.PL , there is a subroutine named 
WriteMakefile. It is consider as unknown subroutine and the writeMakefile is 
known. Is it because of perl5.000 or misspelled?
Thank you very much.

Your Sincerely
Jiangyan LIN